Sound Baths

An Immersive Meditative Practice in Pittsford

sound bath with gong and crystal bowls

Sound Bath Sessions at Pittsford's Eutierria Wellness

A distinctive and unique sound bath experience is offered in the Rochester, New York, area, guided by Evelyn Spruill of Eutierra Wellness. Informed by a holistic wellness perspective and a degree in Music Therapy, Evelyn's sound baths can incorporate energy healing, massage, yoga, aromatherapy/essential oils, and meditation.

Eutierria Wellness creates an immersive sound bath experience that helps improve mood and enhance well-being, from the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls to nature-inspired instruments.

What to Expect at a Eutierria Wellness Sound Bath

Eutierria Wellness offers sound bath sessions in a calming indoor atmosphere or a beautiful outdoor garden setting when Rochester's weather permits. Yoga mats are provided, or you can bring your own. Evelyn, who holds a degree in Music Therapy, will lead you through a relaxation exercise before the sound bath begins. We offer regular group sound healing sessions and private sound baths.

Diverse Instruments and Frequencies

In this guided mindfulness experience, we start by inviting you to focus on your breath and let the resonance and overtones wash over you. Our sound baths incorporate a variety of musical instruments, including Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, flutes, rainsticks, voices, and natural sounds like ocean waves crashing on the shoreline. You'll be guided into deep states of relaxation using meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy, and energy healing techniques.

This all takes place in a safe, calming space in the company of other adventurous souls who want to take time to clear their minds and relax their bodies. After the session, you will likely feel more relaxed, balanced, and present.

We offer hour-long sessions during which our practitioners guide you into a deep state of relaxation using meditation, sound healing, and energy healing techniques. All of this combined is the perfect recipe for achieving blissful balance through peaceful presence.


Access Sound Healing in Rochester

Whether sound baths are a regular part of your meditative practice, or you've only been tempted or curious about sound healing, read on to learn more about what these sessions involve, how they can help you relax and recharge, and who can benefit from this treatment.

Experience a Sound Bath + Other Alternative Therapies

Sound healing clients love to come to Eutierria Wellness because our Pittsford wellness center offers sound bath meditation alongside many other holistic health and wellness options. Our alternative medicine practitioners are on a mission to make hard-to-find health and wellness services not just available, but accessible, to Greater Rochester communities. The sound bath sessions offered by our Pittsford wellness center are unique because we incorporate Tibetan singing bowls and other overtone-emitting instruments, music, voice, and aromatherapy. In addition to our scheduled events, we offer private sessions for groups or individuals.

What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is more about feeling than listening. You don't need prior experience with sound healing or special gear to access its healing power. In this meditative experience, a sound therapist creates sound waves of different frequencies to ease participants into a relaxed state, treat mental disturbance, and rejuvenate the mind and body. It's called a "bath" because the tones reverberate through your body, creating an active state of meditation,.

The Healing Power of Sound Bath Sessions

Sound baths have been used in meditation and healing traditions worldwide for thousands of years, but you don’t need to be religious or spiritual to reap the therapeutic effects of this treatment. In sound healing, frequencies and vibrations wash away blocked energy, with different waves affecting different organs, emotions, illnesses, diseases, and chakras.

Sound healing can help increase relaxation and induce sleep, decrease stress and anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation, and even increase your energy levels while lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.


Return to Mindfulness with Sound Healing

Like all forms of sound therapy, our immersive experience helps your brain unwind into an alpha- or theta-dominant brainwave state. A sound bath session facilitates the transition from regular awareness to a relaxed or meditative state by providing a constant frequency on which the brain can focus. While in this relaxed condition, your brain can better process your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. From there, you're empowered to plan your path forward, release painful energy, and root yourself in the present.

The Case for Sound Therapy

Though Western medicine has yet to fully embrace practices like these, numerous clinical trials and observational studies attest to the healing properties of sound. Peer-reviewed studies suggest that different sounds can impact the nervous system, influencing the body in ways that positively affect mental health, the nervous system, and other health conditions. Given Americans' increased interest in self-care, we hope that more research will test the human health effects of meditation, singing bowls, and musical instruments. With each systematic review and controlled study, we come to a deeper understanding of these practices and their benefits.

How does a sound bath help you relax?

A sound bath is an opportunity to relax and recharge. It can help you release stress and tension and reduce the world's noise. A sound bath is an immersive experience where sound waves are used as a form of therapy. The sound waves help to relax the body and mind and can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. A sound healing experience can be grounding and energizing, leaving you feeling calm, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

A Remedy for Modern Challenges

We live in a fast-paced world with constant stress from deadlines, expectations, and challenges. The daily grind leaves us yearning for more time to relax and unwind from all the demands on our time.

You can't enjoy your day, or the world around you, because you are constantly stressed and tired. Imagine enjoying the natural world with a fully relaxed body and open heart while accessing deep states of relaxation and mindful awareness.

If this sounds like you, please join us.

If you've been looking for ways to slow down, unwind, nurture yourself, and be more present, don't hesitate to join a sound bath experience at Eutierria Wellness. It's an opportunity to let go and ultimately let your worries wash away as nature and soothing music surround you. Sounds can significantly impact our moods and energy levels, so when we enter a sound bath session, the relaxing vibrations help clear away the unwanted thoughts, feelings, or emotions that bother us at home or on the job.