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A Full-Body Spa Experience

This new offering combines 30 minutes of relaxing in our sound frequency chair with a 30-minute detox in the ionic foot bath while having your head, neck, shoulders, and hands massage. The treatment incorporates hot stones and essential oils and ends with a foot, lower leg, and scalp massage. We have 2 chairs and foot baths available, so this is a wonderful treat you can enjoy with someone special.

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Sound Frequency Chair & Ionic Foot Bath Spa Treatment

Your session starts with ambient music while you soak your feet seated in one of our sound-frequency chairs, absorbing the beautiful flames and heat from our fireplace as our foot spas remove toxins from your body. Next, your feet are washed with natural organic soap and warm water, dried, and elevated as you choose one of 23 frequencies from our sound frequency chair menu. You then melt into your chair as your lower legs and feet are massaged with essential oils and warm rocks. Now that your feet are all relaxed and warm we carefully remove tension from your neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Next your scalp will be massaged as you inhale relaxing essential oils chosen specifically for you.

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VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy

Vibroacoustic Therapy provides positive healing effects for a variety of physical and mental health issues. This energy-based, non-invasive treatment approach leverage the body’s composition of more than 70% water. Sound vibrations travel quickly through the body to achieve brain stimulation at a deep, cellular level. We currently offer 23 sound frequencies designed to meet different needs and impact specific parts of the body. Therapeutic Vibroacoustic stimulation is gentle and comfortable, and the intensity of any frequency can be adjusted at any time during the treatment.

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